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        We’ve been working hard the past few months to bring you another new collection of bangin’ earrings for those beauty earholes of yours! With that, we are giving you a sneak peek into the new designs coming your way this summer.

        Which brings us to Wackadoodle. Yes, Wackadoodle. Wackadoodle is the name of our 2021 summer collection, which the Oxford dictionary defines as “an eccentric or fanatical person” or “eccentric or fanatical.” And, well, could you think of a better suited description for our eccentric and fanatical ear art and the beloved customers and followers who donn them? (Neither could we).

        So let's get down to business, you wonderful wackadoodles. We know you'll want to see what these designs will look like… so keep reading!

        The Whimsy
        The Whimsy earrings consist of large and bold circles dangling off of hooks, think of giant Cheerios… but please don’t eat these ones. These babes will be available in several colour and texture combinations. The newest texture in our roster is silver and bronze leafing. This material just floats in the resin and creates a super rad look that you can’t get from other materials. For all you silver lovers, you’ll love the amount of silver options this collection will offer!


        silver hoop earrings

        The Snazzy
        This snazzy pair of dangles is a geometric lover's dream. Made with several half circles to create the full design, these earrings are ready to snazz up any outfit. There will be two colour combinations for this design. We will let you see the first colours and leave you waiting for the other colour varieties.


        glitter teal black half circle earrings

        The Oddballs
        These big statement earrings are here to make a splash! Oddly shaped with two different sized U’s, some tassel magic, and bright colours (of course!), all work together to bring you The Oddballs. These will be available in a few colour varieties to meet each special wackadoodle’s colour preferences. Get your groove on and stand out in a crowd!


        large abstract colourful statement earrings
        There you have it, a sneak peak of our upcoming summer 2021 earring collection! The full Wackadoodle collection will consist of 10 new designs with several different colour and texture options. Get ready to FUNK UP THOSE EAR HOLES for summer 2021! #HotEarSummer… anyone? anyone?