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        5 Atypical Things I Do When I’m in a Creative Rut

        Awe, ruts.

        They happen. In fact they happen often. So far in every creative medium I’ve tried I’ve had the experience of falling into a creative rut. But, I’ve gotta be honest - it’s been happening a lot more since I started Pizza for Breakfast Designs. Frick, I'm just getting out of one! I had the same problem when I started painting for commissions instead of doing it for fun (so that didn’t last long). Somehow, even though the money is a motivator, the second I monetize my art it starts to make me feel weighed down and shackled. It’s hard to make beautiful things from that headspace, so here are a few things I do instead while I wait for the fire of my creative spirit to rekindle.

        Disclaimer: Note that this blog is not titled ‘5 things you should do to get out of a creative rut’ - I’m just here to share what I personally do. If you’re looking for advice you’re most likely not in the right place… but if you’re looking for a chuckle, I might have that for you. They do say that laughing is medicine… so it just might do you some good to read on, so here we go!

        1. Ask why?

        My creative ruts pop up for a handful of reasons. Some of them are strictly non-actionable. When this is the case, I quickly move on to one of the other things I do during a rut in order to not get stuck feeling shame or guilt about it (because ain’t nobody got time for that). But, other times it’s something specific that I can actually work out, and the only way I can identify that is by examining why the rut came about. For example, I’ve totally botched a batch of earrings before and the frustration and self-judgement I’ve felt afterward tried their best to disguise themselves as a creative rut over the following weeks. It took a bit of self-analysis to sort out the difference, and once I did I was able to get right back to creating again. But as I said, some ruts are just ruts and the only way out is through.

        2. Work a different medium

        I still like to paint. I don’t do commissions anymore, but I still love the feeling of sitting down to a blank canvas and painting late into the night with a movie or some tunes playing. Sometimes when I just can’t get into making or designing earrings, I’ll dig out my paints. I find breaking the mould and boundaries of the medium helps me feel free again, and that freedom can lift me out of my weighed-down state and remind me how much fun the experience of creating can be. Honestly, sometimes I just throw paint around. For me, it’s amazingly therapeutic and highly recommended.

        3. Look for inspiration

        Okay - this one does sound like advice, but it’s not really. The section title seems pretty insightful, but the inspiration I’m referring to here is actually just me binge-watching Broad City for the umpteenth time. I strongly believe that this show is magnificent, and that watching it can cure any and all of my rut-forging ailments. What did I say earlier about laughter as medicine? Yeah, exactly. You can try to fight me on this, but this show has seriously launched me out of a rut or two.

        4. Look for adoptable hairless cats on the internet

        What? You’re saying you don’t spend time googling rescue agencies that have hairless cats up for adoption? It’s weird if you don’t… This is a very legitimate and well-formulated pastime of mine. You can’t tell me animals don’t inspire passion, joy and the drive to become a better version of ourselves. Well, maybe you can but for real if that’s how you feel you can see yourself out, bring me all the hairless kitties! I’ll just be over here feverishly scrolling through adoption agency insta accounts.

        5. Let it be

        For me, when I've done all of the above (yes, all of the above), and the desire to create still hasn’t returned, I realize it might be time to just give it a rest. I find my brain is my own worst enemy during a creative rut. It tells me all these stories about how we’ve gotten to this point and how if I don’t make it I'll lose my business and blah-di-blah-blah. So, sometimes I just flick the off switch in my head and stop doing anything to ‘fix’ where I’m at. The funny thing is I might keep doing all of the same things with my time, but dropping the narrative about how those things will or won’t affect the rut is another way I find I can lighten the load. After a while, a true and genuine desire to make comes back every time. Because, well, I just really love making my earrings and seeing others enjoy them as well. 


        An Interview with a Queen: Immacolata Vintage

        This month we had the pleasure of chatting with one of Victoria's local drag artists and performers, Immacolata Vintage

        Every few months we will feature local creatives to find out what they are up to, how they found their creative drive, and of course, their favourite pizza toppings. Read below to hear from our first feature, Immacolata Vintage. 

        Q: Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Immacolata Vintage?

        A:  There are a few parts to who/where Immacolata came from. Part 1 Immacolata came out of a time of self healing and self respect  for myself about a year ago. Immacolata is the italian word for Immaculate and I kinda looked at that word as an encouragement to myself  when I was feeling low or not worthy. I could look in the mirror and say you are amazing, you are worthy, you are immaculate (pun somewhat intended). The second part Immacolata was inspired by the character in the 1987 Dark Fantasy novel Weaveworld by Clive Barker where she is one of the main villains. It was more her ethereal appearance described in the book that really tickled my interest in this name. 


        Q: How long have you been performing and creating as Immacolata Vintage?

        A: I’ve been performing for about 5 years but under Immacolata Vintage  it has been less than a year which will be coming up in October.

        Q: How did you begin getting into drag culture? Was there something in particular that made you decide that drag was for you?

        A:  I was first introduced to drag culture when I was 15-16 by drag artists/queer artists of the 70’s and 80’s  also the aesthetics of the club kids of the late 80’s and early 90’s really captivated my attention and interest. The first time I got into drag I was 16 for my church's coffee house. My pastor was a really open minded lady and actually introduced me to the artists such as divine and the very early season of drag race. ( I admit I don’t really watch the show which may be blasphemy to some.) My name was Peppa Lovepumps for that event. I guess that also opened the Pandora box for my interest a bit more for the art of transformation and makeup.


        Q: What does drag mean to you? How do you feel when you become Immacolata?

        A: Drag for me means to be free to be authentic, to unleash your creativity to free you from stress and pains and to also celebrate yourself and your proud moments. For me being Immacolata I get to be an extension of my creativity and allow myself to display my authenticity. It also allows me to defy gender stereotypes and what beauty is. Doing drag has allowed me to be more authentic to myself out of drag in not having worries and living as free as I can be.


        Q: Who or what are your biggest inspirations behind your drag? (can be anyone or anything!)

        A:  I love an artist of any medium. I was actually  a drawer and painter and  very into visual art mediums before I dabbled in drag and makeup. So I am always inspired by artists. My local drag community does inspire me so much and I love to see what they create. It allows me to push myself in my practice.


        Q: When you are creating your outfits and looks, how does jewellry play a part? Do you plan the outfits around statement pieces or add your jewelry afterwards?

        A: A little bit of both actually. If it’s a very inspired period piece of a certain idea I am trying to invoke I will plan my jewellery I have to help achieve the desired result. Also sometimes I get inspired by jewellery and will create makeup looks around a certain piece. I think people are always a bit surprised when they see something like an earring can inspire a full makeup look but I love it because it allows me to be creative and think outside the box.


        Q: Can you recall your favourite performance that you did? Tell us all about it!

        A: My favourite performance will be my Kate Bush Wuthering Heights. I built it out of a couple of bristol boards a giant window that I came out of. It was just so simple but one of those performances that people just loved and the silliness of the whole set up just really added to it. It reminds me to always have fun when I am in drag and to not be too serious.


        Q: As drag is an art form, what is your creative process when designing your outfits, planning your makeup, performance, etc?

        A:  I will look into the song and listen to it a few times and kinda close my eyes and visualize the place I am performing at and then sometimes through that I will see outfits and hair and all the small details.  When it comes to makeup I will see what the colour palette is going to be predominantly  from the hair to the outfit. Then I will draw out my makeup look on a face chart and choose colours that will compliment it well. 


        Q: What is your favourite thing about being a drag artist?

        A:  The joy and impact I have on other people, especially complete strangers who are moved by me really hits a special spot in my heart and makes me realize how powerful and impactful drag can be for so many people at any age. 


        Q: Final and very important question, what are your favourite pizza toppings?

        A: Hot peppers, Pineapple, Veggies , Sometimes Chicken.


        Follow Immacolata Vintage Online!

        Instagram @immacolatavintage






        We’ve been working hard the past few months to bring you another new collection of bangin’ earrings for those beauty earholes of yours! With that, we are giving you a sneak peek into the new designs coming your way this summer.

        Which brings us to Wackadoodle. Yes, Wackadoodle. Wackadoodle is the name of our 2021 summer collection, which the Oxford dictionary defines as “an eccentric or fanatical person” or “eccentric or fanatical.” And, well, could you think of a better suited description for our eccentric and fanatical ear art and the beloved customers and followers who donn them? (Neither could we).

        So let's get down to business, you wonderful wackadoodles. We know you'll want to see what these designs will look like… so keep reading!

        The Whimsy
        The Whimsy earrings consist of large and bold circles dangling off of hooks, think of giant Cheerios… but please don’t eat these ones. These babes will be available in several colour and texture combinations. The newest texture in our roster is silver and bronze leafing. This material just floats in the resin and creates a super rad look that you can’t get from other materials. For all you silver lovers, you’ll love the amount of silver options this collection will offer!


        silver hoop earrings

        The Snazzy
        This snazzy pair of dangles is a geometric lover's dream. Made with several half circles to create the full design, these earrings are ready to snazz up any outfit. There will be two colour combinations for this design. We will let you see the first colours and leave you waiting for the other colour varieties.


        glitter teal black half circle earrings

        The Oddballs
        These big statement earrings are here to make a splash! Oddly shaped with two different sized U’s, some tassel magic, and bright colours (of course!), all work together to bring you The Oddballs. These will be available in a few colour varieties to meet each special wackadoodle’s colour preferences. Get your groove on and stand out in a crowd!


        large abstract colourful statement earrings
        There you have it, a sneak peak of our upcoming summer 2021 earring collection! The full Wackadoodle collection will consist of 10 new designs with several different colour and texture options. Get ready to FUNK UP THOSE EAR HOLES for summer 2021! #HotEarSummer… anyone? anyone?